Prehistoric path

Clay bowl

Copper fibula

Copper pectoral


Roman path

The fresco

The writing tablet

The alfalfa archeology

The craft of the archaeologist

Digging a tomb

Medieval Period

Painting on wooden board

The Mosaic






We organize permanent thematic laboratories, targeted at both schools and adults, with the aim of experimenting in a personalized way the discovery of cultural goods.

Our workshops are directly linked to the historical and artistic peculiarities of the Ravenna area, but the proposal also extends to activities aimed at developing creativity and manualism.

The labs allow you to read fascinatingly the artistic and cultural heritage; Students can then complete and deepen the topics discussed in the lab through guided tours.

These pathways provide all the information necessary to interpret the cultural and historical reasons that have led to their presence, thus deepening and developing the knowledge gained through the laboratory experience.